Wine Storage

Buy, store and sell with us

Our approach to wine is holistic and at Cote d’Or we offer a full spectrum of services to suit every oenophile’s need, whether you want to buy, store or sell your wines.

Buy and Store

Cote d’Or Limited offers 30 days free storage on all purchases from us. For our Hong Kong stock a storage fee will incur 30 days after the invoice date. European stock that is in transit will only incur storage charges 30 days after the date of its arrival in our Hong Kong warehouse.

We offer unparalleled wine cellarage to house your wines in immaculate condition. All our wines, including those held on behalf of our customers, are stored at JAS Forwarding, a HKQAA Fine Wine Storage Management Certified facility. A bespoke, modern warehouse with temperature and humidity levels computer-controlled at 13-16 degrees Celsius and 70% respectively.

Customers who arrange wine storage through us can be confident that their wines are being professionally stored under exemplary conditions.

Any wine that you store with Cote d’Or Limited is automatically insured at full replacement value.

Currently we don’t accept wines not purchased from us, but we may consider this if demand is high. If this is a service you require, please get in touch to register your interest and we will keep you posted about this development.

Storage Rates

Our current storage charge is HK$30 per 9 litre case (12 bottles, 6 magnums, etc.), or HK$20 per 4.5 litre case (6 bottles, 3 magnums, etc.), per month. The minimum charge is HK$20 per month. This includes insurance at full replacement value and will apply to wines that remain undelivered 30 days after the invoice date.

There is no credit card surcharge on storage fees. We strongly encourage you to save your credit card on our world-renowned payment gateway, Stripe, in order to proceed future payment automatically.

When you would like to take wines from storage, we can arrange delivery for you. Minimum delivery fee is HK$150 for two cases regardless of case size, any additional cases will incur HK$30 extra fee per case.

Terms & Conditions of Storage

For our complete Terms & Conditions of Storage please check here.


If you intend to sell your wines instead of just storing with us, we offer free storage on your consignment listings plus insurance at full replacement value for agreed consignment period.

Please refer to the Sell Your Wines page for details.