Maison Chanterêves: Japan x Germany x France

Tomoko Kuriyama and Guillaume Bott are the creators of Maison Chanterêves, a highly regarded micro-négociant project in the world of winemaking. Tomoko, hailing from Japan, received her training at the esteemed wine university in Geisenheim, Germany, and went on to become estate manager at the renowned Friedrich Altenkirch in the Rheingau. Alongside her husband Guillaume, who works as a winemaker at Simon Bize, the couple has been crafting exceptional wines since 2010 from their cellar located under a modern house in Savigny-lès-Beaune.

To make their wines, Tomoko and Guillaume purchase small amounts of organic grapes from different vineyards in Burgundy. Their process includes a high percentage of whole cluster fermentation and a minimal amount of SO₂. These wines exude energy and embody the natural wine aesthetic, with simple, pure expressions free from any artificial enhancements or pretentiousness.

There is a fascination among food lovers for Japanese culture, and wine enthusiasts often associate the refined wines of Burgundy with the Japanese concept of minimalistic detail. At Maison Chanterêves, the meeting of these two cultures has resulted in a unique fusion that showcases the best of both. The wines are highly sought after and generate immense adoration from those who try them. The sincerity and authenticity evident in each bottle made by Tomoko and Guillaume is what draws their followers in and creates a strong connection with their wines.

Made with a German precision, a Japanese attention to detail, and a French knowledge of the terroir… they offer a purity and delicacy that rival the work of the very best producers. The attention to detail is impressive… a treat to taste these beauties.”
– Steen Öhman

“(the wines) have a delightful, I am tempted to suggest Japanese, delicacy about them.”
– Jancis Robinson, MW

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