Domaine Hoffmann-Jayer

The story of Hoffmann-Jayer, formerly Domaine Jayer-Gilles, started when André Hoffmann, a Swiss wine lover, acquired the winery in 2017.

If you have ever tasted wines from old Jayer-Gilles estate, you know they usually show new oak and additional sulphur. Not in a bad way but this may not be everybody’s cup of tea.

When Hoffmann took over he employed Alexandre Vernet a young Burgundian as the winemaker. Since then there has been a dramatic change in style for this domaine’s wines. The team ditched Gilles Jayer’s modern approach and substantially reduced new oak usage. Furthermore vinification now almost entirely excludes sulfur and involves some aging in large clay jars called amphorae besides both new and older barrels.

This change is very promising; the amphora samples I’ve tasted exhibit tremendous energy and vivacity that was lacking in examples from the old Jayer-Gilles estate.
— Steen Öhman at Winghog

Hoffmann’s team is making very good progress; these wines are now fresher, livelier, with more definition and transparency, reflecting their terroirs.

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